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Dream Science

The following resources include research or scientific content in total or in part:

1. Dreaming:  Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams, a benefit of membership in the International Association for the Study of Dreams, www.asdreams.org 

2.  Sleep and Dreaming, Cambridge University Press, New York, 2003 

3. G. William Domhoff, The Scientific Study of Dreams, American Psychological Association, Washington DC, 2003  

4. R. L. Van De Castle, Our Dreaming Mind, Ballantine Books, New York 1994 

5. C. Hall, and R. Van de Castle, The Content Analysis of Dreams, Appleton-Century-Croft, New York, 1966. 

6. M. Ullman, S. Krippner, A. Vaughan, Dream Telepathy, 1973, Macmillan Publishing, NY. NY. 

7.  S. Krippner et.al., Dreamtime & Dreamwork, Jeremy P. Tarcher Inc. Los Angeles 

8. E. Hartmann, Dreams and Nightmares, Perseus Publishing, Cambridge Mass. 1998 

9. E. Hartmann, The Functions of Sleep, 1973, Yale University Press 

10. R. Hoss, Dream Language: Self-Understanding through Imagery and Color, Innersource, Ashland Oregon, 2005  www.dreamlanguage.org 

11. S. R. Palombo, Dreaming and Memory, 1978 Basic Books Inc., p.13 

Dream Theory and Dreamwork

The following resources are excellent for personal or professional dreamwork or a general interest in dream theory.  Content typically includes psychological findings and approaches, theory and in many cases research based content.

1.  Dream Time, a Publication of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and a benefit of membership, www.asdreams.org

 2. R. Hoss, Dream Language: Self-Understanding through Imagery and Color, Innersource, Ashland Oregon, 2005  www.dreamlanguage.org

 3. P. Garfield, The Healing Power of Dreams, 1991, Simon and Schuster

 4. S. LaBerge, Lucid Dreaming, 1985, Ballantine Books

 5. F. S. Perls, Gestalt Therapy Verbatim, Bantam Books, Real People Press, 1974

 6. C. G. Jung,  The Portable Jung, Edited by Joseph Campbell, The Viking Press, N.Y. 1971

 7.  S. Krippner et.al., Dreamtime & Dreamwork, Jeremy P. Tarcher Inc. Los Angeles

 8. C. Hall & V. Nordby, A Primer of Jungian Psychology, A Mentor Book, Canada 1973

 9. A. Faraday, The Dream Game, 1974, Harper & Row

10. C. G. Jung, Mandala Symbolism, Princeton University Press, 1972

11. R. L. Van De Castle, Our Dreaming Mind, Ballantine Books, New York 1994

12. Gayle Delaney, Breakthrough Dreaming, Bantam Books 1991 

13. Patricia Garfield, Your Childs Dreams, Balantine, NY 1984 

14. A. Siegel and K. Bulkeley, Dreamcatching, Three Rivers Press, New York 1998 

15. A. Siegel, Dream Wisdom, Celestial Arts, Berkeley 2003 

16. D. Feinstein and S. Krippner, Personal Mythology, Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 1988 

17. M. Ullman, and N. Zimmerman, Working With Dreams, Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 1985 

18. S. Krippner, and M. R. Walsman, Dreamscaping, Lowell House, Los Angeles, CA, 1999 

19. M. Emery, The Intuitive Healer, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1999 

20. D. Feinstein and S. Krippner, The Mythic Path, Tarcher/Penguin Putnam, 1997 

21. S. Krippner, F. Bogzaran, A. Percia De Carvalho,  Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them, SUNY Press, New York, 2002

22. D. L. Barrett (Ed.) Trauma and Dreams, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1996/hardback, 2001 paper.

23. D. L. Barrett, The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use their Dreams for Creative Problem Solving—and How You Can Too,  NY: Crown Books/Random House, 2001 

24. Rosner, Lyddon, Freeman (Eds.), Cognitive Therapy and Dreams, Springer Publishing Company, 2003. 

25. C. Hoffman, The Seven Story Tower:  A Mythic Journey through Space and Time.  Insight Books, Plenum Press, New York and London, 1999. 

26.  J. Taylor, Dream Work - Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams, Paulist Press, Mahwah New Jersey, 1983   

27.  J. Taylor, Where People Fly & Water Runs Up Hill - Using Dreams to tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious, Warner Books, New York, 1992 

28. J. Taylor, The Living Labyrinth - Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams, & the Symbolism of Waking Life, Paulist Press, Mahwah New Jersey, 1998  

29. J. Lasley,  Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders, Mount Pleasant: DreamsWork Publications, 2004

30. C. G. Jung, Man and His Symbols, Dell Publishing Co. NY, NY, 1973

  Other Suggested Readings

"Los Sueños el Espejo del Alma" ( Dreams, Mirror of the Soul) by Rosa Anwandter; Ed. Platero, Santiago, Chile, 1998"

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