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Examples of Dream Interpretation

I had two dreams on the night following the day I learned to hear God’s voice, see God’s vision, and journal (write out what God was speaking to me). The simple act of putting my journal next to my bed and asking God to speak brought me several dreams that first night.

Dream # 1 - I had a new job as caretaker of a house. I was in the house going up a flight of stairs and I was riding a horse. At the top of the stairs I entered the bathroom and took out some cleaning supplies.

Interpretation Question: “In what way do I have a new job?” Answer: “Just today, I have begun to hear God’s voice, see vision and journal.”

Question: “In what way do I feel like a horse on the stairwell?”

Answer: “I feel extremely awkward tuning to the flow of God’s Spirit, seeing vision, and journaling. This way of living is an art I will need to practice until I become comfortable with it. Right now, I feel like a ‘bull in the china closet.’”

Question: “In what way will this path take me up a flight of stairs?”

Answer: “Hearing God’s voice, seeing God’s vision, and recording them will take me to a higher place in my walk with God.”

Question: “In what way will I be getting out some cleaning supplies?”

Answer: “Hearing God’s voice will clean up some areas of my life.”

Dream # 2 - on the same night as the above dream: I had pulled my car into a parking lot and turned off the ignition. However, the engine would not stop; it kept backfiring.

Interpretation Question: “What am I trying to turn off that is not turning off?”

Answer: “My analytical brain, so I can tune to intu- ition and thus hear the voice of God.”

So the above two dreams are talking about issues taking place within me and are counseling and encouraging me, saying, “Even though I feel awkward about this new direction in my life (of hearing God’s voice, seeing vision, and journaling), if I will keep with it, it will take me to a higher place in God, and it will clean up some areas in my life. And yes, it is going to be a struggle to shut down the analytical reasoning process in my life which has ruled me and been a god in my life for many years.”

A dream by Mike Bastien: Recently I had the honor of teaching a Communion with God seminar to about 35 pastors who had come for a week of training to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. Toward the end of the week, one pastor, Rev. Mike Bastien, voiced some concerns that he was not getting all the information I was unloading on them at breakneck speed. I assured him that he probably wasn’t, but that it was all right since he could take the Communion with God book and cassettes and videos home with him to review at his leisure. However, this advice was not heard by all parts within Mike, as he e-mailed me a day or two later with a troubling dream he had had. Following are the e-mails which went back and forth between us over the next few days. Mike has given me permission to share them and his dream.

The dream as Mike sent it to me: “Here it goes: The school bus was coming to my home when I was in high school. I was running late and saw the bus coming and was running towards it and I saw my father-in-law (Fred) get on the bus and before I could get on, just before I reached it, it left. I was a bit upset that he didn’t wait for me. I tried to look to see if it was George driving the bus and thought it was. (George and I talked once in awhile and he was the actual bus driver when I was in high school.)

“But soon after, I saw another school bus coming and knew it was going to the public school in the same town and asked the lady if I could take it and she said yes. So I got on. Don’t remember any of the ride. Next I remember talking to my father-in-law and asking him why George left me and didn’t wait. He gave me a mumbled answer which didn’t make sense and which I can’t remember at all now. “And that was the dream. One thing that really concerns me is that my father-in-law died this past December of cancer at the age of 61.”

My first response: “I’ll be glad to offer a few questions and suggestions for you to consider. “The symbols in the dream include:

* school = place where we are educated and learn
* bus = transportation to the place of learning
* being left behind = fear of being left behind “So the question you would ask yourself is, ‘In what sense am I being educated at this time in my life, and am I afraid I am going to be left behind?’ “I suspect the answer is that you are being educated in the area of communion with God, and that there is a part of you that is afraid that you are being left behind (i.e., not going to get it all). You actually expressed exactly that fear in class. I assume it is that fear in your heart which was expressed in your dream.

“However, God showed you in the dream that there was hope. Another bus came along and took you to school. So you do not need to fear missing some parts of the teaching the first time around. There is another way to get it. For example, reading the whole Communion with God book; taking the three-month Communion with God course with Christian Lead- ership University and having me as a mentor; pur- chasing the videos which were made; purchasing the cassettes of me teaching the entire course; pur- chasing the CWGTeacher’s Guide; getting a couple of spiritual counselors in your church or area who are right-brain and sharing your journaling with them and having them cover it, etc. “Don’t be concerned that the person in your dream died a year ago. People in our dreams most often are part of ourselves. The way we discover what part is to ask, “What is the dominant characteristic of the person?” Then, it is usually that part of ourselves we are dreaming about. The dream is not about you dying.”

Mike’s second letter: “Thank you, Mark, for responding. To be honest, it was not what I expected. It sounds good but I have this big question...why was my father-in-law in this dream and why was it so evident that he was in it? He must have something to do with the dream?”

My second response: “When you think of your fa- ther-in-law, Fred, what is the most dominant characteristic of him? That is your key. Once you identify that characteristic, you are then talking about that part of yourself. Your heart is drawing pictures (like Bible Pictionary - if you have ever played it), to communicate a message to you.

“Whatever part of you that Fred is representing, that part of you is OK with the message of CWG and is getting along with it and on time (as evidenced by the fact that he got on the bus OK). Some other part of you is struggling with the message of CWG, being afraid you are not getting it all.

“Any chance that Fred is a ‘heart’ kind of a guy as opposed to a ‘head’ kind of a guy?

“My guess is that your heart is fine with the CWG message but your left-hemisphere is afraid that it hasn’t got all the pieces yet (which is true - it hasn’t). However, as I mentioned earlier, your head doesn’t need to get all the pieces in my four mornings of teaching you, because I have provided books and cassettes and videos which you can take home and study in detail.

“My guess is that your left-hemisphere (your ana- lytical reasoning brain) is uptight, but that your heart (as perhaps represented by an ‘easy going Fred’) is fine with the message of Communion with God.

“What do you think?”

Mike’s final response: “Mark. Wow.That’s exactly how he was. Easy going. Laid back. Blessings, Mike”

Another Example of Dream Interpretation - from a co-worker:

A lady who used to edit my materials and take Bible school classes from me came to me with the following dream.

In the dream, she entered her house and smelled smoke. She went upstairs looking for the fire but she couldn’t find it. Then she looked downstairs, but could not find it. She went into the kitchen and the smoke smell was stronger. She opened upper kitchen cabinets and could not find the fire. She opened the lower kitchen cabinets, flames leapt out, and she awoke.

At the time, we could not understand what the dream was saying. Two months later, she went to the doctors with an intestinal ailment which was diagnosed as inflammation of the intestines. It was a stressrelated disease, and the doctor put her on medication which took care of the inflammation.

Do you see that her dream was warning us of this physical ailment two months before the doctor diagnosed it?

Her dream said, “In her house there was a fire.” Her house was the place that she lived - her body.

The fire was in the kitchen. The kitchen is the place we eat, and thus symbolized her digestive tract.

The fire was not in the upper cabinets, which would symbolize her upper digestive region, or her stomach.

It was in the lower kitchen cabinets, which would symbolize her lower digestive region - her intestines.

The dream said, “In your intestines, there is a fire,” two months before the doctor diagnosed it.

A year later the dream returned. She realized immediately that if she did not relax, the stress she was experiencing would bring another visit to the doctor’s office. She did relax and was able to offset another attack. Awesome counsel! Worth listening to, and worth acting upon. This is an example of a dream which was talking about things taking place within the individual. It was providing her with God’s counsel, instructing her of calamity to come if she did not mend her ways. WOW!

Taken from Principles of Dream Interpretation by Mark and Patti Virkler CWGMinistries.org

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