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Dream Dictionary
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Alphabetically listed left to right

Macadamize Macaroni Machinery Mad Dog Madness
Madstone Magic Magistrate Magnet Magnifying-glass
Magpie Malice Mallet Malt Man
Manners Man-of-war Mansion Manslaughter Mantilla
Manufactory Manure Manuscript Map Marble
March Mare Marigold Mariner Market
Marmalade Marmot Marriage Mars Marsh
Martyr Mask Mason Masquerade Mast
Master Mat Match Matting Mattress
Mausoleum May May Bugs Meadow Meals
Measles Meat Mechanic Medal Medicine
Melancholy Melon Memorandum Memorial Menagerie
Mendicant Mending Mercury Merry Meshes
Message Metamorphose Mice Microscope Midwife
Mile-post Milk Milking Mill Mill-dam
Millet Mine Mineral Mineral Water Mining
Minister Minuet Minx Mire Mirror
Miser Mist Mistletoe Mocking-bird Models
Molasses Moles Money Monk Monkey
Monster Moon Morgue Morning Morocco
Mortgage Morose Mortification Moses Mosquito
Moss Moth Mother Mother-in-law Mountain
Mourning Mouse Mouse-trap Mud Muff
Mulatto Mulberries Mule Murder Muscle
Museum Music Musical Instruments Mushroom Musk
Mussels Mustache Mustard Mute Myrrh
Myrtle Mystery      

Common Dreams and Themes

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Animals, Autos/Car, Baby, Bath, Boat, Boyfriend, Bridge, Buddha, Bugs, Cat, Chains, Chase/Chased, Cheating, Child, Celebrities, Cliff, Clothes, Conflict, Colors, Cross, Dancing, Death, Devil, Demons, Dirt, Dog, Drowning, Dying, Eagle, Earth, Earthquake, Eyes, Father, Fighting, Fish, Food, Frog, Girlfriend, God, Goddess, Guilt, Gun, Hair, Hands, Head, Horse, House, Husband, Insects, Jesus, Kill/Killing, Ladder, Lost, Love, Marriage, Money, Monsters, Moon, Mother, Mountain, Murder, Nightmares, Nudity/Naked, Numbers, Penis, People, Pregnant/Pregnancy, Rape, Relationships, Rooms, Run/Running, Sex, Snake, Spider, Suicide, Sun, Teeth, Tornado, Tree, Urinating, Vagina, Violence, War, Water, Whale, Wife/Wives, Wolf/Wolves, Famous People

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