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Dream Dictionary
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Alphabetically listed left to right

Pacify Packet Page Pagoda Pail
Pain Paint and Painting Palace Palisade Pall
Pall-bearer Pallet Palmistry Palm Tree Palsy
Pancake Pane of Glass Panorama Panther Pantomime
Paper or parchment Parables Paradise Paralysis Parasol
Parcel Pardon Parents Park Parrot
Parsley Parsnips Parting Partner Partnership
Partridge Party Passenger Passing Bell Password
Pasteboard Pastry Patch Patent Patent Medicine
Path Paunch Pauper Pawn-shop Peaches
Peacock Pearls Pears Peas Pebbles
Pecans Pelican Pen Penalties Pencil
Penitentiary Penny Pension People Pepper
Peppermint Perfume Perspiration Pest Petticoat
Pewter Phantom Pheasant Phosphorus Photography
Physician Piano Pickaxe Pickles Pickpocket
Picnic Pictures Pier Pies Pig
Pigeon Pilgrim Pill Pillow Pimple
Pincers Pineapple Pine Tree Pins Pipe
Pirate Pistol Pit Pitcher Pitchfork
Plague Plain Plane Planet Plank
Plaster Plate Play Pleasure Plow
Plums Pocket Pocketbook Poinard Poison
Poker Polar Bear Pole-cat Police Polishing
Politician Polka Pomegranate Pond Pony
Poor Poor-house Pope Poplars Poppies
Porcelain Porch Porcupine Pork Porpoise
Porter Portfolio Portrait Postage Postman
Post-office Pot Potatoes Potter Potter's Field
Poultry Powder Prairie Prayer Preacher
Precipice Pregnancy Present Priest Primrose
Printer Printing Office Prison Privacy Prize Fight
Prize Fighter Procession Profanity Profits Promenade
Property Prostitute Publican Publisher Puddings
Puddle Pulpit Pulse Pump Punch
Pup Purchases Purse Putty Pyramid

Common Dreams and Themes

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Animals, Autos/Car, Baby, Bath, Boat, Boyfriend, Bridge, Buddha, Bugs, Cat, Chains, Chase/Chased, Cheating, Child, Celebrities, Cliff, Clothes, Conflict, Colors, Cross, Dancing, Death, Devil, Demons, Dirt, Dog, Drowning, Dying, Eagle, Earth, Earthquake, Eyes, Father, Fighting, Fish, Food, Frog, Girlfriend, God, Goddess, Guilt, Gun, Hair, Hands, Head, Horse, House, Husband, Insects, Jesus, Kill/Killing, Ladder, Lost, Love, Marriage, Money, Monsters, Moon, Mother, Mountain, Murder, Nightmares, Nudity/Naked, Numbers, Penis, People, Pregnant/Pregnancy, Rape, Relationships, Rooms, Run/Running, Sex, Snake, Spider, Suicide, Sun, Teeth, Tornado, Tree, Urinating, Vagina, Violence, War, Water, Whale, Wife/Wives, Wolf/Wolves, Famous People

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