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Analyzing Dreams

Psychoanalysis and Dreams

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are subject to psychoanalysis just like all other parts of the human psyche.
Some basic components of the Freudian dream theory include the following:

1. Dreams are NOT meaningless or random events.
2. All dreams have causes, which generally come from emotionally charged life events.
3. The themes and issues that are experienced in dreams are so emotionally charged and threatening to the ego that the individual cannot deal with them directly.
4. The dream is a fašade which disguises anxiety or guilt - provoking thoughts and feelings.
5. In order to understand the dream, the individual must attempt to look past the fašade and discover the real issue in the dream.
6. Psychoanalytical techniques, including free association, can be used to interpret dreams.
7. The content of dreams are mostly composed of sex, aggression, wish fulfillment, and childhood memories.
8. Dream analysis is difficult because of resistance on the part of the dreamer.

Understanding Dreams

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