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Inspirational Poems

Inspirational Poem 1
*** Hope is Near ***

Don't look so hard to find hope and faith,
As it really is a gift when it's for His sake,
Draw nearer to Him and He will to you,
This faith of spirit is lifted anew.

Remember one day all tears will be gone,
The signs are here for the new dawn,
It's a promise to believe so sing yourself a song,
Of comfort and joy for which we waited so long,

How long will it be to the Lord we do pray,
The answer "not long" for that long promised day,
If you love others how much more He you,
This is the meaning of the words so true,

When the storm comes don't be afraid,
Remember the price dear Jesus paid,
So when things seem down and without cheer,
Cry out to the Lord for He is near,
And remember He will wipe out all of our tears.

Inspirational Poem 2
*** September Eleven - Closer To Heaven ***

It happened by surprise on September eleven,
A day that brought many closer to heaven,
Dear Lord hear our prayers for this strife to end soon,
Like the start of the full and new moon.

Enemies come from near and far,
But Jesus will come as a bright morning star,
Be assured that these things do not come from the Lord,
They come from the evil one's cursed and jagged sword.

Our hearts may grieve and tears will flow,
But God will give us the strength to heal and grow,
He will wipe the tears from all our eyes,
And the end is assured for the father of lies,
Remember His promise that this all will come,
But no more will it be within His kingdom.

Inspirational Poem 3
*** Angels ***

Angels.the messengers of old,
So the story has been told,
Have shared the word of the Lord,
Throughout His millennium Stories

The question is why don't we believe,
That this wisdom is the truth,
Intelligence is perceived,
Relating to creation's roots

Many have seen. most have not,
How sad for those lacking faith,
The tragedy of this lot,
But the angels wait at the gate,
To reveal so many things,
Mostly the message Love brings

We may call on God now,
But the angels provide the Tao,
Of this everlasting glory,
Is Loves endless story

Inspirational Poem 4
*** The Shinning Star ***

What is a shinning star,
But a brilliant light from afar
But now it is brought close
No longer just the heavenly host

The energy God has made,
Through the Word of Christ he gave
The star is near and warm,
When the focus clears the storm

Much nearer is the inner light now,
That transforms one within
So the shinning star is the Tao,
Of all on earth who will win

The prize of life for the angelic,
For those who reflect the truth
Not those who over embellish,
And see Gods' shinning star as their root

The shinning star is born on earth,
From the time of Jesus birth
All who believe know this,
Due to his joyful bliss

Lets all strive to be,
The shinning star for all to see
Among all the world let us be well,
For the shinning star is for all to tell

This shinning angelic star is bright within,
When we banish the path of sin
May we all be blessed as Gods' child
And become a shinning star; meek and mild!

Inspirational Poem 5
*** Consciousness of Love ***

Look at the trees, the birds and the stars,
The atom without and within,
We needn't search very far,
When we purge our conscience of sin,

Love is the answer for sure,
No thief can steal it too,
The things of value are pure,
God offers all - accepted by few,

Be still by a flower or lake,
Use the mind to erase,
The noise and the static of the world,
Must leave to find this pearl,

The truth of the ages prevails,
When this happens we know it is real,
Trust and have faith - Seek and Ye shall find,
That is what binds the greatest of minds,

To the deepest of hearts is the tree,
Of life of course within me,
Search within your mind this truth,
Endurance and health is its' roots,

The truth is the law and the sword,
With this one becomes not bored,
To know that Love is what God is,
Is freedom from the lies,
That's why I make Love my biz,

Once born it never dies!

Inspirational Poem 6
*** Crystally Seen ***

I once was blind and thought that I could see,
Because the world had a hold on me,
Then like magic my mind was so aware,
No more hold - just visions with passion so fair,

Now I hold the world like a dark crystal ball,
My conscience is pure - its' not at all,
A lesson - a lesson for the wise,
It's in your heart not in your eyes,

Crystally seen all the thoughts below,
I climbed the mountain and watched wisdom grow.

Inspirational Poem 7
*** The Kingdom Within ***

At hand its' been said from times old,
When will it, oh Lord, appear?
How long must we look to see?
That Your Love is born within me,

The Kingdom of God is within,
When we die from sin,
When we truly ask the how,
No one can fool us now,

The simple truth always prevails,
When accepting His special- delivery mail,
Gift wrapped comes the Grace,
Wake up to understand - for Loves sake,

Don't look outside anymore,
For the Kingdom of God is the store,
That provides freedom and health,
With gems of wisdom and endless wealth,

Love is the water which flows free,
When the Kingdom within, we do see.

Inspirational Poem 8
*** Hope ***

Helping God, myself, the world and my daughter,
That is the conscience that is in order,
After losing hope and being ill,
This is the way of God's will

My joy is deep,
My hope is alive,
This is what I seek,
And how I strive

Seek and you shall find,
When the answer comes - so rich and fine,
Like all the jewels of the Nile,
Which brings the radiant smile

Is this wise?
Search the mind for this awesome prize,
It is very real,
For anyone to feel

Praise God for His mind,
Now, I truly am alive!

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