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Psychic Paradise
Just about all cars come with a radio built-in as standard, our bodies come with psychic intuition built-in as standard, but like the car radio, it's up to us whether we switch them on or not! To get the best from our car radio, we may need to tune into the various stations, to get the best from our psychic gift we may also need to 'tune' into the signals that are around us. If we keep with this analogy we could also say that some cars come with a higher quality radio receiver, as some people come with a stronger psychic reception. But you can upgrade the radio just as you can improve your psychic awareness.

I hope that answers the common question;- ' Am I psychic? ' - Because you are! So how do we switch it on and begin? If you are reading this then you have already begun! The first step to waking up your psychic faculty is to admit to yourself that you have one. It takes a while for the subconscious to be able to communicate with the conscious mind and the best way to do this is to simply start thinking about it. For example you could say to yourself "I am psychic" on a daily basis. Try, if possible to discuss it with whoever is willing, all these thoughts have a positive effect on developing your gift. You should also try to read about the subject, again this helps to wake things up. Knowledge will help, as you need some understanding of how things work. Adopt the policy you would take with any new hobby, become involved in it, buy books and magazines, look for more information on the internet. Become familiar with the various approaches and opinions and start to develop your own ideas. Deal directly with what appeals to you, what your logic finds reasonable. Disregard what you find difficult to accept, you can always return to it at a later time.

If possible attend psychic workshops, these are usually one-off seminars on a particular aspect of metaphysical studies. Look for group training, some mediums offer courses for a limited number of people at a very reasonable cost. Spiritualist churches often have training circles or something similar so make enquiries.

Use your gift! Even if you are unsure about whether it's working or not. Don't get upset if you get things wrong, keep going. You will find that in time progression comes, naturally. So decide what you want, and what methods you are going to use. Don't rely too much on divination cards (like Tarot) at first. I say this because you need to be able to sense the answers and problems yourself, with your psychic gift, not by just what is in front of you. This will make it harder but ultimately more fulfilling and you will become a better psychic long term.

NOTE: It is important to realize that there is a vast difference between prophecy and predictions. Predictions come from inward ability as apposed to prophecy that is infallible and inspired by God's Holy Spirit and absolutely true! In spite of ones psychic ability, one is prone to error and rarely 100% accurate. Psychic ability is sometimes obtained as a result of an inherent bridged between the conscious and subconscious mind. However, it may be developed by understanding how to control or adjust the beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave patterns. This may be achieved through meditation, research and various tools. To get a better understanding, I recommend you read my dream interpretation page and check out the tool and book links. At the very least one can obtain, to quote Anna Wise, "a high performance mind."

Psychic Power Focus Tools

You might have noticed that many psychics who advertise list a number of skills, typically these might include Tarot, Crystal balls, Palmistry, Psychometry etc. All of these things are focus tools. They represent something physical and tangible with which to work and can be a great help. Psychics talk about 'tuning in' to their clients or the spirit world, and these objects help to focus their thoughts. So regardless of what it is, Tarot cards or crystal balls, we have something to concentrate on. Working with psychic intuition or talking to spirit means working with energy and thought, not matter, so these things act as a bridge or stepping stone to that realm. Your mind will have become used to receiving information with your usual senses and it will take time for it to accept this transition, so make use of these tools.

Let's choose Psychometry for an example of working with focus tools and apply our psychic intuition. While holding an object belonging to someone, start to relax, slow down, close your eyes and let the object 'connect' with you. Feel it's texture and shape, let the object become imprinted in your mind. 'Communicate' with the object, remember it is linked to the owner.

Psychic Ability Practice

Psychic intuition can happen at any time, in any place and for any reason. That also seems to be it's problem as far as beginners are concerned! Often saying they cannot get their gift to work when they want it too. This is in fact very common, but should be seen as positive. After all you have experienced it! You just need to gain control.

Practice? That dreaded word which can bring back thoughts of piano lessons and times tables is just as important in the world of the psychic. Its all about getting used to information coming to you from a different source, the more you practice the easier it becomes. So, what can you do? Try pausing before you do something. For example, when the phone rings pause a few seconds before answering, can you tell who it is? Try it when someone knocks at your front door. Try it at work, can you tell when someone is happy, sad or pre-occupied with other things on their mind? Try to become universally aware, let your mind and body become an antenna to psychic information that flows through and about you.

Often when you begin, the pictures you will see are often very trivial. Try to find someone who can be patient and understanding and who will allow you to practice on. Take your time, its no use in trying to force the information to come through. Above all accept the fact that you are going to be wrong from time to time, the human mind has a habit of filling in the blanks when psychic intuition is not forthcoming. Also, perhaps a little confusingly, some of the information that may come through can have no bearing at the time, but only come to light a few days later.

One important thing, if you do see a picture or get a feeling about something - pursue it. It's amazing how many people become satisfied with just a little bit of information when there is usually more to be had. But it is possible to pursue these images, ask with your mind to know more about what you are seeing. It's great when you get it right! But more difficult is working out why you got it right, try to remember what it felt like as the vision came into your mind, and try to recapture the feeling next time.

When I use Psychometry, I close my eyes for a while, relax as if I am taking a step back from the world, and create a space for the pictures to arrive. You must find a technique that works for you. You are looking for brief pictures, that seem to arrive all by themselves. Things that you were not thinking about, if you manage to get this far, you are making good progress. If appropriate you will get a negative or positive feeling about what you have seen or felt. This is how psychics work. These positive / negative feelings are used to tell a client about which way they should go in a situation. Alternatively you may just get more information about an event, if you do, tell the person you are with. But please do not try to be a counselor until you are ready, remember you are dealing with peoples emotions.

Developing psychic gifts is a little like learning to play a musical instrument, we start slowly and practice regularly. Funnily enough mediums are referred to as instruments of spirit.

Recognize Psychic Information

This section applies to both Psychic & Mediumship development and concerns our expectations of such phenomena. At it's best, psychic intuition, - the actual receiving of psychic information, can be so certain and defined that it leaves you in no doubt whatsoever that you are correct. You just know, you become so certain within, it fills your entire being. It's the same with spirit communication, the connection can be so solid and strong that you understand so much more of the message being given. When you get communication of that quality it is so uplifting, so rewarding that it can move you to tears. You've joined a bigger universe, you are part of some wonderfully structured existence, and our spirit friends seem so close that we could shake their hands.

But it's not always like that, in fact for most mediums, most psychics, we have to work hard for whatever information we can sense. But, and this is important, any successful contact from spirit is something to treasure. Any successful and beneficial psychic intuition is a gift. Be grateful that if you can connect, for just a moment, with God's universe of spirit, just how wonderful that is. Consider the wonder, the crossing of worlds, the intention of both parties. There is balance to find here, we strive to be as good as we can but we may not always be presented with the information.

My point is spirit don't always communicate in such non-mistakable ways, but often guide and advise in more subtle ways. If your intention is to make better contact with your relatives and friends in spirit, then do not expect discarnate voices hanging in the air, but rather a thought, a memory, a scent, something that just seems to arrive out of the blue. If you wish to follow the advice of your guide, then listen to your inner self, listen to your conscience. Ask questions and look for answers around you, in the things you do, the things you see.

Psychic information can be just as subtle, often we do not need the finest detail, just a connection to something recognisable. If we are reading for someone, they will know what we are referring to, we may not need to fully explain every impression, indeed sometimes it may be embarrassing for the client for us to do so.

So aspire to be better, work at your craft to better understand the information that comes to you. But attain balance, take your time and be grateful for any successes.

Psychic Predictions

Some of the people who have written to me have told me how they they predicted a plane crash, a car accident or some other major event. This sometimes causes great concern, understandably because these are often things we are unable to change. You cant just walk into the airport and say 'one of your planes is going crash'. Chances are they will think you are a little disturbed. So why then do we have these big premonitions? Often our psychic sense has been giving us little reminders that it is there, small insignificant things, however we brush these off as being merely coincidence. So in an effort to get our attention, we see something larger, something more dramatic, this is our psychic awareness waking up and shouting "Look, I'm here! Take notice". It often works too! When people do write to me about these premonitions they are in fact starting the discovery of their own psychic gift. So, when you finally acknowledge that the gift is there, you will find the big events start to disappear, allowing you to concentrate on developing your skill in a more humble fashion.

Psychic intuition is a thought based talent, it can feel like you are remembering an experience that was not yours. Often what comes into your mind is a picture, much like a photograph. These `photos` can be black & white, colour, still or moving like a short movie. But there are also feelings to be picked up. This may not happen so quickly as the `photos` as this is a deeper form of psychic awareness, but they may be a lot more important.

Predictions should account for roughly one third of a reading, although there are always exceptions and different needs. But ideally time should be taken to prove your talent by demonstrating your knowledge of someone's past and present. This can do a lot to help them believe you and put them in a better state of reception. It could be for example, that a deep set problem in the past is revealed to you, you should confirm this. Next try to sense how this affects the person now, again confirm. Finally advice can be given for the future using the positive / negative method mentioned earlier.

Developing Psychic Mediumship

I sometimes get asked how people can develop their own mediumship skills, while the process is not difficult, what is important is your intent, your sensitivity and respect for others. You must also decide why you wish to develop this technique? Decide if you are doing this to help others or just to contact a family member or someone close. Learning to recognise the subtle presence of our spirit friends around us and the gentle guidance they impart, is different to working as medium for others.

Most people train in a development circle, or with a teacher and this is something I strongly recommend. Without someone to guide you, you may not know how to separate the imagination from actual spirit. A group meeting often means more than one person is able to sense the same spirit person, this is comforting and ensures you are progressing correctly. A good place to start would be your local spiritualist church, as many groups start from there. However you may have to be invited or have to wait for a suitable opening. But there are also 'Workshops' appearing with more regularity now, and these will help you learn from someone experienced. If you look hard enough, there is usually something in your own area where you can go.

I would advise anyone seeking to develop mediumship to first awaken their psychic skills, then read about other mediums, learn how they get their information. Give yourself an idea of what to expect, what is possible, what could be fantasy. Build a firm base onto which you can expand, be patient but explorative. Be aware of your dreams, what they tell you, be guided by them. Although you can develop the skills on your own, try to find someone who can study with you.

Meditation - A lot of people misunderstand this. First and foremost most people think that you must clear your mind - WRONG! You cant! It's not possible. Our brains or minds are far to complex for that, what we can do is alter the level of our awareness. 2nd point, we cannot shut out background noise, in many ways it would be dangerous to do so. So quietly play some soothing new age type music to help you relax. Even if you can hear traffic or people just keep going. Now there are two ways you can proceed, either imagine a place that you feel happy in, like a beautiful garden with flowers etc. Or, for now just let your own thoughts go by and be aware of them, but not judgmental of them, just let thoughts go through you as if you were just a viewer, an invited one person audience. With either of these two techniques you may find your thoughts drifting in all directions, while it isn't wrong it's good to learn some control. So gently without getting annoyed adjust your thinking back to where you want to be, and if your thoughts start to drift again, then once more gently steer them back on track. It's important to try and remain passive, if you get annoyed STOP! Try again later. Things improve at the proper pace, images get clearer, they stay in sight longer, you can follow them and get more. But it takes time and practice, just like anything worthwhile!

Contacting your spirit guide - Our expectations of how spirit contact us can often be too high, spirit existence can best be described as thought energy. So it makes sense for them to contact us through our own thoughts, but how do you tell the difference? The thoughts will sound like your own, but they may also be of better clarity, more structured and eloquent in delivery.

If you can still your mind, as with meditation for example, you may be able to detect these thoughts better. Ask questions, but don't ask for predictions for your own life, and see what thoughts come to you.

We also have to be patient sometimes, a lesson in itself. Spirit will be working with you, but on their understanding not yours. They often wait for us to remove doubts, blockages and other distractions that may undermine the very work they strive to teach.

If, through your meditation and perception, you sense or see someone in the distance, this is often a new guide waiting to join you, waiting for you to be ready. This could be a guide who will stay with you for the next 40 years, one who through your mediumship will teach not only you, but many people through you. A guide who has waited for you since you were first born. How wonderful that is. Would you wait and be patient for such a guide? I am not saying that is the case, just an example of how to alter your thoughts, expectations and how to have patience. All things happen in their own time.

Psychic Ability Summary

The role of a psychic or medium often goes beyond just giving messages or making predications. They need compassion and good communication skills to act upon the information received. Please remember you are dealing with peoples emotions, as such the medium may need experience in presenting this information. For this reason, please do not expect to be able to give readings immediately, you may also fail more than you succeed, and end up spoiling your chances of respect and believability.

Just about every psychic there is, has at one time or another, asked the question "Am I imaging all of this??" It goes with the territory. It's easier to live in what we call the ' real ' world, relying on our senses of sight and touch. We forget there is a 6th sense, just as real as those others. It takes time, you keep going until at some point the math's say this is no longer a coincidence. Then you start learning a bit more, you get more confused, but I guarantee there will be some things that you do, feel or just be a part of that will touch you so deeply that you will keep going.

Of note here is another aspect of both psychic and medium development. Its all to easy to become a little proud of yourself and think you are `special`. Let me tell you now, this is a road to disaster and failure! Remember there are a lot of people the world over who do predications and have psychic abilities, you are just someone who has now woken those skills up. This thought will serve you well, be humble and have respect for those you are able to read for and you will develop.

One last time, please adopt a policy of respect, you hold within you a special gift and great responsibility goes with it. People you read for will have come to you from many different backgrounds and beliefs, they may come in fear, sorrow and with little understanding. You job is to inspire them and make them feel worthwhile, while being honest in conveying what you pick up. Take your time to explain things they may not understand, but don't rattle on beyond what they are ready to hear. Don't preach, people will be coming for advice or to contact a loved one, not to hear a sermon. These skills will come to you, but it is good to think on them from the outset.

The Learning Plateau - The word 'plateau' means;- A relatively stable level, period, or state. A level of attainment or achievement or an area of level land or rock. The term 'Learning Plateau' was first given to me when I was in my first development circle. I think the expression fits quite well as this helps to explain a phase many developing psychics go through..

As you learn to awaken your gift you may find things gallop along at a wonderful pace, the more you try the more things are given to you. Most people just go with the flow when this occurs. But there may come a time when your intuition seems to be turned off! You turn up at your development circle and wonder why nothing happens. You can't sense anything at all, it seems like all your guides have suddenly left you. You might feel alone, cut-off and like a stranger. This is the 'Learning Plateau', a time when you need to absorb what you have learnt, a time to reflect and ground yourself. A time when spirit helpers step back and let you catch up. It's a strange feeling, but it will pass, so seek comfort from those around you, they may have already been through it. But do tell them, especially if you are in a development group, it helps keep the balance of energy if you let them know what's going on. It should only last a few weeks and when you return you will be ready to move on to the next stage. Use this time to take a break, try not to bury yourself in psychic study but instead just be yourself, enjoy the beauty around you. Be prepared for this to happen a few times, it's necessary part of your growth.

It is important to learn that it is the alpha brainwaves that bridge the conscious to the subconscious or unconscious mind. A good book to read to learn this in laymanís terms is "The High Performance Mind by Anna Wise" - which draws from the latest scientific research and her clients' case histories, Anna Wise shows how the four kinds of brain waves: alpha, beta, theta, and delta communicate information among the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds. The powerful techniques she outlines in this book will guide readers to become more effective leaders and problem solvers, improve their communication skills and inter-personal relationships; and increase their emotional health and well being. After reading this book it is easy to understand where psychic ability comes from too.

Online Psychic Search Advice: When researching on the web it is common for spiritual advice seekers to spell 'psychics', 'horoscopes' and 'astrology' incorrectly. Be sure to check your spelling to maximize your search. Common typos and misspellings include: psycic, psyhic, psyshic, pyschic, psychics, sychic, horiscope, horscope, horiscope, horscope, horocope, horocopes, horiscopes, horroscope, hororscopes, horoscpes, atrology, strology, horoscpoes, and horescopes. The best way to find us is to bookmark spiritcommunity.com as one of your favorite sites or make us your home page with our links below.

Also see Psychic Dreams and How to Interpret Dreams.

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